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Between The Lines

Documentary  I  2022

Between The Lines
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Just Dad, The Ref

A story about a special man who got to chase his dream of officiating in the NHL. But the story grew into something more important than that. It became a story about a father and son who shared the same passion for the game and the family who supported them. We encourage one another to chase our dreams but we all know that road is a difficult one filled with challenges and obstacles. Those who truly make it rarely do it alone and have a tremendous support system behind them. Blaine had an incredible career in the NHL but what he has done afterwards for the community of young referees and for the game he loves has been nothing short of admirable. I hope this film not only recognizes Blaine and his incredible career but also gives honour to the family that supported him on his journey. I called this film Between The Lines because it’s what we don’t see and hear that sometimes has the biggest impact.

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