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I see the world like a movie

As I view the world around me, I can't help but perceive it like a movie. I am aware of the importance of staying present in each moment, but I am also drawn to the idea of capturing these moments through a lens. One such instance that stands out in my memory is when I documented a friend's wedding and witnessed their emotional and joyful reactions as they watched their film. This was my first foray into wedding videography and that experience changed the trajectory of my career and fuelled my passion for this craft.

Family first

I am truly grateful for my loving and supportive partner, Shea, and our two remarkable children, Perry and River. As they continue to grow and flourish in their early years, I find immense fulfillment filming their precious moments. My hope is creating a lasting record of their journeys so they can watch back one day in the same awe. 

Perspective + Service

In my approach to wedding videography, I prioritize authenticity and strive to convey the unique story of each couple on their wedding day. My filming style is rooted in a documentary approach, using minimal equipment and opting for handheld shots to achieve a raw, "in the moment" cinematic result. My ultimate goal is to create a film that not only captures the events of the wedding day, but also elicits the same emotions and memories that were felt on that momentous occasion.

You can absolutely tell the level of detail and pride put into it - from overall theme, audio editing, music, transitions, etc. Thank you for doing such an awesome job to capture memories that we will cherish for a lifetime.


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